Note from the President…and latest links

Note from the President…and latest links

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Siberian Bridges is unusual for an American non-profit. Instead of focusing on a particular social need, it is about contact and cooperation with a particular region of Siberia named “Zabaikalye” that had been closed to the outside world most of the Soviet Era. This “How can we help you?” and “Let’s meet and find out about each other!” open-ended approach has involved us in a variety of projects; from English language support, to providing the initial funds and hospitality facilitating the first sister relationship between a US and a regional university, and more recently, to providing material and moral support for two orphanages (“Children’s Centers”), both directly and through support for volunteers.

Founded in 1993, Siberian Bridges is now in its 25th year and going strong.  We’re tiny—and with tiny coffers, as well—but we’ve been quite effective!  It is clear that our person-to-person approach has been appreciated on both sides.

The experience has transformed my life. I’ve learned generosity of spirit and respect for—and even love of—differences all based in the joys of cooperation and our common yearning for contact. I’ve also learned about oblepikha jam, the glories of a slow day at the dacha, and the warmth of deep Siberian hospitality. I hope you enjoy the site and find out why we are so happy meeting and working with our far-off neighbors in Zabaikalye!

Thomas Dickinson, Founder and President