Vitaly wins 2nd Place, Zoya wins Audience Favorite!

Vitaly wins 2nd Place, Zoya wins Audience Favorite!

Tom here.  Just arrived in Chita and learned that Vitaly Tolochkin and Zoya Chizhkova both living at the Children’s Center in Petrovsk-Zabaikalsky (see previous posts here) shined at the “You’re Super!” (Ты Супер!) nationally televised children’s talent show that finished in May.  Vitaly won Second Place and Zoya won the Audience Favorite prize!

Evgeny Mironov, famous Russian actor, presents Vitaly with a gift

I also learned that the man that came on stage and spoke to Vitaly (see the previous post’s video around 6:30) and gave him a book as a gift is a famous and highly respected actor and producer in Russia, Evgeny Mironov.  I was told he is not just a wonderful actor, but is respected for his character and civic engagement (maybe like Russian Matt Damon?)

One last bit of info.  We knew…or thought…that Vitaly was the brother of Tanya Kolodeznikova whom we’ve spotlighted in our newsletters for her singing, but his different last name was confusing.  Well, it happens that “Tolochkin” is a stage name he chose, and it comes from another member of his family.

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