About Us

About Us

Siberian Bridges is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization founded by pianist Tom Dickinson in 1993 under the original name of Musical Bridges. Siberian Bridges is located in Minneapolis, Minn., and coordinates its efforts with its sister NGO, Siberian Bridges-Russia, located in Chita, Russia. Read more about our history.


Our mission is to cultivate contact and cooperation with the people of Eastern Siberia that empowers the development of individuals, communities and civil society. We operate primarily in the region of Zabaikalye—one of the most remote and economically challenged in Russia.

  • Since 1993, Siberian Bridges has created cross-cultural relationships
  • Sent more than 20 English teachers to Zabaikalye for periods of 6 months to 3 years.
  • Provided over 5000 books, computers, teaching materials and other support to urban and rural schools, universities, regional libraries, as well as to non-governmental organizations the region. Siberian Bridges has become the largest single donor of books to Chita’s Pushkin Library, the main library in Zabaikalye.
  • Facilitated a university partnership and exchange program between Chita University and the University of Southern Connecticut, which has now expanded to other universities in Siberia.
  • Supported cultural events and festivals in the Zabaikalye region.
  • Organized tours of the region for US scholars and citizens and hosted visits of scholars, officials and other visitors from Eastern Siberia in the United States.

Current Board Members

Judy Boudreau, Treasurer
Kevin Brondum
Tom Dickinson, President & Founder
Irene Duranczyk, Ex-Officio
Paul Johnson, Secretary
Chuck Ritchie, Board Chair
Janet Stewart, Webmaster