Fall 2017

Tom Dickinson cover letter, Fall update: International Student Video Conference, Irina and Michael Shipley’s “boys”, “You’re Super” winners from Petrovsk-Zabaikalsky, Taste of Zabaikalye 2018 tour is on!, Thank you Paul Johnson; Profile of Janet Stewart; Taste of Zabaikalye 2018 Tour Aug 15 – 29.

Spring 2017

Janet Stewart cover letter, Spring update, Children’s Home Report, Profile of Kevin Brondum, Tom’s Summer in Chita, Donors, Poem by Slava Vyunov, “Out for Mushrooms.”

Fall 2016

Kevin Brondum cover letter, Children’s Center, New project with another Children’s Center, Profiles of two Chita entrepreneurs, Elena Prusakova and Natalia Zaitseva, Impressions of summer sojourns in Zabaikalye by the three Americans (one a dual American Canadian citizen) who taught English at camps this past summer, invitation to join next summer’s “Taste of Zabaikalye” Tour.

Spring 2016

Olesya Bezhina cover letter, Update, Children’s Center, Poem by Slava Vyunov, Donor list, Tours in 2017

Fall 2015

Jennifer, Tom, and Chuck all go to Chita in May–June, Children’s Home visit, two tours to Zabaikalye offered.

Spring 2015

Olga and Elena in the US, 2016 Tour info, Children’s Home, Decembrist note, Meet Tonya, Donors.

Fall 2014

Fall Fundraiser, updates on Summer Tour, Children’s Home and Village Schools, Meet Irene.

Spring 2014

Russian Song Recital, tour update, Tatiana Sukhanova, Children’s Home update.

Fall 2013

20 Year Anniversary, Star Tribune article dated 9/30/13 and Meet Victor Kulakovsky and Yelena Anisimova.

Spring 2013

Children’s Home 50-yr anniversary, Meet Elena Solovyeva, Volunteerism in Chita then and now.

Fall 2012

Chuck and Judy’s trip, meet Judy, thanks from English teachers for books, program updates, memory lane with Tom.

Fall 2011

Computer, Pen Pals and Pipeline for Children’s Home, Meet Paula (SB Chair) and Natalya Skliarova (Children’s Home Director)  Thanks from Pushkin Library , Thanks to donors!

Fall 2011 Cover Letter

Spring 2011

Greetings from Paula & Sheila, New FB page, Vika from Children’s Home can sing!, Paul’s story, Kickoff Computer for Kids program.

Fall 2010

There’s an old Russian proverb, Chuck Ritchie’s visit to Chita, Updates, What we’re up to, Thank you to Donors!

Summer 2007

Goodbye…For Now, A message from Tom Dickinson, founder and President, A message from Judy Boudreau, Secretary – Treasurer and Board Member, Thanks to our Donors.

Summer 2007 Russian Translation Newsletter

Winter 2006

Last summer’s service/adventure tour thrills the Polakoff family, Service-tourism is a Gateway to Siberian Culture, plus much more.

Fall 2004

There I Was, A Toast to the Romantics, Russian Weddings, plus much more.

Fall 2003

More ideas? You bet!, In other News Exited, About My Exile, plus much more.

Summer 2003

It’s Has Been an Incredible Decade!, A Beautiful Friendship, Enchanted in Aginsk, plus much more.

Winter 2002

Message from Tom Dickinson, the Founder of SB, Tatyana Puchkova, Executive Director, My Journey to SB, Colin McMullan is writing to us from Krasny Chikoy, plus much more.

Winter 2001

Poetry in the Classroom, Letter from Zabaikal, Bringing a World of music to Russia’s Far East, 2001 Accomplishments, plus much more.


Spring 2001

Leadership!, Message from Chapo, Chairman, Message from Alina Simon, Executive Director, plus much more.

Fall 2000

Meet Beth Merrill, Our Executive Director, Images from Chita, plus much more.

Spring 2000

Message from our Chairman, Tom Dickinson,…e-mail diary of Jean and Charles Dickinson on their March–April trip to Chita, plus much more.

Fall 1999

Message from our President, Anne Dickinson, Emails from Chita, plus much more.

Spring 1999

President’s Message, And THANKS to Our Book and Computer Donors for the shipment to Chita, plus much more.

Summer 1998

Thomas Dickinson travels to Chita, Excerpts from letters to Musical Bridges, plus much more.

Fall 1997

Musical Bridges commitment to Chita.

Spring 1997

My Visit to the United States by Professor Oleg Gotlib, plus much more.

Fall 1996

President’s Report, Professor Oleg Gotlib visits the United States, Executive Director Report, plus much more.

Spring 1996

Letter from the field, History of Musical Bridges, Completed Projects, Current and Future Projects, plus much more.

Summer 1995

Letter from Anne Dickinson, Letter from Tom Dickinson, plus much more.

Fall 1994

Letter from Tom Dickinson.

1994 Cover Letter

1991 Introduction

Tom Dickinson, Pianist—1991 Tour, Letter from Tom Dickinson, Musical Bridges  “A Connecticut Yankee in China and Russia”, plus much more.